PeopleLink iCam WHD 1080 are cameras for board rooms offering easy connectivity with laptops/PC through USB ports. The Pan/tilt features present in the devices allow a wider angle coverage . HD video quality with real time, face-to-face experience through the powerful 12x optical zoom some more unique offering of these cameras.They can also adjust the brightness automatically according to the lighting condition of the room ensuring clear video.

    Key Features:

    12x optical zoom : Optical zoom is a true zoom lens that produces much better-quality images than digital zoom which performs in-camera image processing

    FOV 72.5 degree : The camera has a wide field of view (FOV), the area covered by the camera, of 72.5 degrees

    IR remote controllable : Remotes with infrared light can be used to reliably control this camera

    Pan tilt zoom: Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) type of cameras enable the user to control the movement and position of the lens. Panning refers to the lens’s horizontal movement while tilting describes its vertical movement

    RS- 232: RS – 232 / VISCA to control the PTZ functions of the camera remotely

    True HD 1080p @ 60 FP: This camera offers recordings with very vivid clarity (True HD) at a resolution of 1080p @ 60 frames per second (FPS)

    Applications Of ICam WHD 1080 12X USB_EN

    • Area of application: Boardrooms, center of learning, mission critical operation center, medical care units and court rooms.
    • Capacity: 30 to 60 persons
    • Shape of the room: Rectangular
    • Bright/dark room: Auto Brightness adjustment
    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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