Redefine Smarter Collaboration with PeopleLink i20 Plus Videobar

The new generation audio and video conference bar PeopleLink i20 Plus is integrated with 2K ePTZ camera, 4 microphones and independent speakers as one device. The intelligent ePTZ face-tracking camera helps track each movement, giving us a real and seamless conference experience.

With exclusive audio 3A algorithm, conference sound source acquisition and accurate noise suppression ensure everyone hears and be heard clearly. I20 Plus Webcam is compatible with most video conferencing applications.

    PeopleLink i20 Plus

    All in One video Conferencing Bar

    peoplelink i20 webcam
    i20 peoplelink i20 webcam
    • Panoramic View with 94° wide-angle FoV
    • AI Face Tracking
    • 360° Voice Pickup
    • Audio 3A Algorithm
    • 2K - FHD Video Output

    PeopleLink i20 Plus is an All-in-one video bar for small and midsize meeting rooms. It is easy to use, plug and play. i20 Plus is an integrated one-video conferencing bar for 2K Full HD video meetings, a professional video meeting bar, and AI face tracking with four microphones and speakers for noise/echo cancellation. It is an innovative audio-video conferencing device built into one ePTZ video conference camera. It is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WebEx, InstaVC, and other popular video conferencing solutions.

    See All, Hear All

    Experience the pinnacle of visual excellence with the PeopleLink i20 Plus all-in-one video bar, meticulously crafted to elevate your online interactions. With built-in wide angle 2K camera and optimized audio that easily accommodates huddle meetings spaces, the all-in-one conference camera lets you hear and see everyone during conference.

    peoplelink i20 plus webcam
    peoplelink i20 plus webcam

    Great Conversations with 2K - FHD Video Output

    Unleash the power of the 2K ePTZ camera, capable of delivering stunning 2560 x 1440@30 frames video calls. Enjoy high-definition image quality, perfect for ultra-high-definition video calls. Each frame is a masterpiece, capturing details with unparalleled precision. The PeopleLink all-in-one video bar redefines the essence of crystal-clear visual experiences in the digital realm.

    See Every Corner of the Room with 94° FoV:

    With an expansive 94°  FoV i20 plus video bar can track everyone who appears in the filed of view of the lens and makes everyone clearly appear in the center of the screen.

    peoplelink i20 plus webcam
    peoplelink i20 plus webcam

    Sound Optimization & Automatic Echo Catching

    The i20 Plus video bar boasts 4 integrated microphone arrays that eliminate the need for additional mics. With an expansive voice pickup range of up to 3 meters, experience crystal-clear and smooth video calls. Say goodbye to background noise and echo disruptions, as this advanced technology delivers unparalleled audio precision, making your virtual meetings and conversations truly immersive and distraction-free.

    True Voice Speaker

    The i20 Plus video bar uses carefully tuned 2W true voice speakers with 82db Speaker output, which can achieve 360° sound diffusion, true and full. Suitable for individuals and small meetings rooms without additional audio devices.

    peoplelink i20 plus webcam
    peoplelink i20 plus webcam

    AI Face Tracking

    Embark on a seamless virtual meeting journey with the PeopleLink all-in-one video bar, featuring intelligent face tracking and auto-framing capabilities. Enjoy the brilliance of clear and natural visuals, elevating your virtual interactions to new heights. With rich detail and precision, the PeopleLink video bar transforms online meetings into an immersive and engaging experience.

    Phase Inversion Hole

    The built-in phase inversion hole elevates sound performance to unparalleled heights, ensuring an immersive and crystal-clear auditory experience. Let every word resonate with clarity, making your virtual interactions more engaging and impactful. Elevate your online communication with the remarkable audio prowess of PeopleLink, where every meeting becomes an auditory masterpiece.

    peoplelink i20 plus webcam
    peoplelink i20 plus webcam

    Audio 3A Algorithm

    Immerse yourself in pristine audio quality with our cutting-edge Audio 3A algorithm. Precision meets perfection by integrating advanced noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic gain control. Elevate your conversations confidently, knowing that every word will be heard precisely and every nuance captured with finesse.

    Fits in Any Meeting Room

    No matter what kind of room you have, you can find a way to set up the video conference bar. Place it on a desk, mount on the wall, or attach it on top of or under the TV to maximize usable space.

    peoplelink i20 plus webcam
    peoplelink i20 plus webcam

    Plug-and-Play USB Connectivity

    Simplify your setup with the PeopleLink all-in-one video bar, featuring a seamless USB cable for effortless connectivity. This plug-and-play marvel integrates with any PC or UC platform, guaranteeing a swift and trouble-free connection. Our innovative design ensures a quick, hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your seamless online interactions.


    AI Framing:Auto Framing and face tracking function
    Sensor:4 Megapixel Sony sensor
    Image Resolution:2K, 2560 x 1440 Pixels @ 30 fps
    Zoom:4x Digital Zoom
    FoV:94° Field Of View
    Focus:Fixed focal
    Microphone:Built-in 4 Microphone Arrays
    Audio Pickup:Range Up to 3 meters
    Speaker:Built-in Speaker with 82dB Speaker Output
    Interface:USB 2.0
    Audio Algorithm:Audio 3A algorithm for accurate noise reduction
    Digital Noise Reduction:2D&3D digital noise reduction
    Low Light:Automatic Low light correction
    Video Compression:MJPEG Dual Stream Output
    Plug & Play:USB
    Applications:Huddle Room, Meeting Rooms
    peoplelink i20 plus webcam



    Parameteri20 Plus Video barAIO Alpha4K AF Soundbar Plus
    Image i20 plus webcam peoplelink AIO Alpha 4K AF Camera Soundbar Plus
    AI FramingAuto Framing and face tracking functionAI-Powered Framing/Presenter Tracking/Speaker TrackingAI-Powered Framing
    Sensor4 Megapixel Sony sensor1/2.5-Inch SONY Low Illumination 8.5MP SensorSensor: 1/2.5 inch, CMOS, 8.51M pixel
    Image Resolution2K, 2560 x 1440 Pixels @ 30 fps4k@30fps, 2k@30fps 1080p@30fpsUHD 4K@60fps, 4K@30fps, 1080P@60fps
    Zoom4x Digital Zoom16x digital zoom5x Zoom
    FoV94° Field Of View128°(D/120°(H) /82°(V)121° (DFOV), 110° (HFOV), 75° (VFOV),
    FocusFixed focalFocul Length 2.2mmFixed focal
    ePTZIntelligent ePTZe-PTZ (UVC /IR remote control)MPT (pan/tilt ±15)+ EPTZ
    MicrophoneBuilt-in 4 Microphone ArraysBuilt in 6PCS microphone arrayBuilt-in 4 Beamforming microphones
    Audio PickupRange Up to 3 metersDistance up to 6 metersDistance up to 6 meters
    SpeakerBuilt-in Speaker with 82dB Speaker Output2 speaker element sound bar Adopts96 dB Full Frequency Speaker
    InterfaceUSB 2.0USB 3.0: Type B, 3.5mm jackHDMI V.2, USB3.0, Type C, USB2.0, Type A
    Audio AlgorithmAudio 3A algorithm for accurate noise reductionBuilt-in AGC, AEC, ANSBuilt-in audio 3A algorithm
    Digital Noise Reduction2D&3D digital noise reduction2D&3D digital noise reduction2D&3D digital noise reduction
    Low LightAutomatic Low light correctionAutomatic Low light correctionSupports Backlight Compensation
    Video CompressionMJPEG Dual Stream OutputYUY2/MJPEGH.264 / MJPEG /YUY2 /NV12 Compression
    Plug & PlayUSBUSBUSB
    Remote ControlN/AIR remote controlIR remote control
    ApplicationsHuddle Room, Meeting RoomsHuddle Room, Meeting RoomsHuddle Room, Meeting Rooms
    Certifications & ApprovalsCE, ROHS and FCCCE, ROHS and FCCCE, ROHS and FCC

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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