PeopleLink Cascade 4C+ Cascade is a conference audio controller. The 4C can be connected with an active speaker interface and 4 omnidirectional microphones based on 2.4G wireless cascade. It also supports wireless handheld microphone local amplification, which is widely used in large conferences, it can also be used normally in Conference rooms and entertainment venues.


    Intelligent audio processing:

    Adopting the latest audio voice processing technology, including digital audio processing, dynamic noise reduction processing, industry-leading 384ms echo cancellation, full-duplex voice calls, 360° Omni-directional pickup, etc. The effective pickup radius of a single omnidirectional microphone can reach 2m. Two-way, natural, and smooth meetings can be conducted at the same time, giving users a high-quality

    Product Features :

    • Support external active speakers
    • Support conference communication software such inVC, skype, zoom etc.
    • Removable wireless omnidirectional microphone
    • Support handheld microphone Wireless charging

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