PeopleLink PVC 50WS Cascade is a portable, digital wireless conference microphone for conference and board rooms. These microphones can be easily connected to Laptop/PC through USB ports. The features like echo cancellation and noise reduction suppress unwanted background noise and echoes, for the crystal clear audio during video conferencing.

    PVC 50 WS 3C Cascade

    Suppress Unwanted Background Noise and Echoes

    PVC 50 WSC - 3C
    PVC 50 WS-4
    PVC 50 WSC - 3C PVC 50 WS-4

    The PeopleLink PVC 50WS 3C and 2C is a solution to audio cascading in conference and boardroom meeting rooms to provide clear audio experiences. This microphone requires a portable digital wireless connection and can be easily connected to PCs or laptops via USB ports, with an easy setup process. This device stands out among the rest through the clear-sounding audio you get during video conferencing, achieved through the latest functions like echo cancellation and noise reduction that block out the undesired sounds in the background. Digital wireless cascade conference units that provide precision control and reliability have been deployed to manage meetings.

    Wireless Cascade Conference Units

    PeopleLink PVC 50 WS 2C Cascade & 3C Cascade offers a streamlined and efficient way to manage meetings with precision and dependability. These units have advanced features like echo cancellation and noise reduction. Their portability and USB connectivity make them versatile, allowing seamless integration with laptops and PCs. With the convenience of wireless technology, users can confidently conduct meetings.

    PVC 50 3C Cascade
    PVC 50 3C

    Preferable Room Setups

    It is ideal for conference rooms and board rooms with dimensions typically around 40ft by 30ft, accommodating 10 to 24 participants seated around oval or U-shaped tables. Its wireless connectivity and USB compatibility simplify setup whether used for corporate meetings, presentations, or collaborative sessions, this microphones enhances audio quality in medium to large sized meeting spaces.

    Long-lasting Performance

    Portable and mobile, the Cascade 3C+ offers instant communication capabilities. With a built-in lithium battery providing up to 8-10 hours of usage, it is suitable for large-scale conferences, high-end business environments, and leisure entertainment venues.

    PVC 50 3C

    Immersive Wireless Daisy Chain Microphones

    Experience the power of 2 or 3 daisy-chained wireless microphones with a master receiver. Each microphone boasts a 2-meter 360° sound pickup range, covering 80-100 square meters of meeting rooms. Whether in conference rooms or recording studios, these microphones ensure comprehensive audio coverage, allowing for a natural and immersive listening experience without the constraints of facing the microphone in a specific direction.

    Superior Audio Reception

    The master receiver seamlessly connects to active speakers and three cascaded microphones via 2.4G wireless technology. It supports wireless handheld microphones and local amplification, making it a versatile solution for large conferences and leisure venues.

    PVC 50 Cascade

    Perfectly Compatible Solution

    This cascade offers a universally compatible solution, seamlessly integrating with popular web-based video conferencing platforms such as Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Zoom. With plug-and-play functionality, users experience effortless setup for virtual meetings. These speakerphones also extend compatibility to live streaming applications.


    PVC 50 3C


    Connectivity:USB & Wireless
    Microphone:Omni directional microphone
    Frequency:20Hz - 20kHz
    Voice Pickup Range:Each Mic 2 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius:360° Voice pickup
    Expansion Mic:3 Cascade
    Ext Mic audio Pickup Range:Each Mic 2 meters
    Interface:USB 2.0 (full), 3.5mm out
    User Interface:Keypad
    3A Algorithm:Built in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Wireless:Yes - 2.4G wireless Controller
    Operating System:IOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size:80-100 square meters
    Seating Capacity:10 to 24 seater
    Application:Conference room, board room



    ParameterPVC 50 3C CascadePVC 50 4C+ CascadeQuad Speakerphone 6
    ImagePVC 50 3C Cascade PVC 50 4C+ Cascade Quad Speakerphone 6
    ConnectivityUSB & WirelessUSB & WirelessUSB & Bluetooth
    MicrophoneOmni directional microphone4 Omni directional microphone4 mic array
    Frequency20Hz - 20kHz100Hz - 16kHz100Hz-22KHz
    Voice Pickup RangeEach Mic 2 metersEach Mic 2 meters4 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup
    Speaker85 dB Speaker Out
    Expansion Mic3 Cascade4 CascadeYes (Optional)
    Ext Mic audio Pickup RangeEach Mic 2 metersEach Mic 2 meters4 meters
    Echo Length Cancellation384ms500ms
    InterfaceUSB 2.0 (full), 3.5mm outUSB Type-B, 6.5 mmType-B, RJ45, Line in/out
    User InterfaceKeypadFunction KeysKeypad
    3A Algorithm:Built in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Bluetooth range10 meters
    WirelessYes - 2.4G wireless ControllerYes - 2.4G wireless Controller
    Built-in batteryBuilt-in 4000mAh battery
    Operating SystemIOS/Android/WindowsWindows 7 / Windows 10 /MacOSIOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size80-100 square meters80-120 square meters40ft by 20f
    Seating Capacity10 to 24 seater10 to 30 seater15 - 20 seater
    ApplicationConference room, board roomConference room, board roomMedium to Large conference room

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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